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The Africana Conference Paper Index is an index to the individual papers -- in western European languages -- of the conference proceedings held by Northwestern's Melville J. Herskovits Library of African Studies. The file is updated daily.

Author Searches
To search for the author of an individual conference paper, type the author's last name followed by the beginning or all of the first name. Examples:

okonkwo j
maddison, angus

Conference Name Searches
To search for papers from a particular conference, search for the name of the conference as an author, typing in at least the first part of the conference name. Examples:

meeting of directors
Fulfulde International Conference

Keyword Searches
Use the Boolean operators and, or, and not to combine search terms, and use parentheses to group search terms. Use quotation marks to indicate that terms should be searched as a phrase. Examples:

nigeria and oil
(fula or peul) and (language or literature)
"human rights"

Use ? to truncate a search term. For example, a search for mali? retrieves "mali," "malian," "malien," etc.

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